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Orphan Care Zimbabwe

We have made numerous trips to Zimbabwe since August 2007, most recently one in January 2015! For more information on these trips and to get an idea of what’s happening there now, check our our monthly partner updates: Partners Update June 2014

Archived Partners Updates can be found at the bottom of this page.


  • The HIV/AIDS pandemic has created over 15 million orphans in Sub Saharan Africa.
  • Sonrise Church is responding to this need by partnering with ACOP churches in Zimbabwe who are caring for hundreds of impoverished children.
  • There are over 1,000,000 orphans in Zimbabwe and their plight is heightened by an economy collapsing with five years of famine and a corrupt government.
  • In August 2007 a team of eleven people from Sonrise traveled to Zimbabwe to help build an orphan feeding center, to provide funds for food, medicines and schooling and to explore the opportunities for Canadians to help save a generation of Zimbabweans.
  • Since 2007, Sonrise Church has sent 2 or 3 teams each year comprised of 49 different individuals to support the orphan care work in Zimbabwe.
  • In the last seven years, many Canadians have partnered with us to provide food, medicines, and school fees for orphans being cared for by the ACOP churches of Zimbabwe. Since 2007 we have been able to resource the care for orphans with just over $100,000 each year! We have also invested additional funds into infrastructure projects to support these orphans. Your donations will continue this help to hundreds of impoverished children.

The Challenge

We are inviting Canadian friends to partner with us to provide care for hundreds of Zimbabwean orphans.

In fact, although $32 is an estimate, the funds go much further! We are currently supporting as many as 700 orphans in six centres in Zimbabwe, and one in Mozambique.

Your monthly donation of $32 will provide food and education for one orphan. Please become a partner today with the Sonrise Orphan Care Zimbabwe initiative.

We can help save a generation in Zimbabwe if we act out of compassion to give hope to these friends in their time of distress.

Thank you: Our donations in December 2012 to the Esiphezini Preschool Project were matched by a generous donor, and we were able to give a very exciting gift to our friends in Zimbabwe to help them complete the preschool building in Esiphezini. Thank you!


Kadoma is a small town 140km southwest of Harare. Once the centre of commerce for local farmers and the mining industry, it has suffered severed decline. Oversight for the orphan care work is provided by Pastor Asmon Zihove and his wife Hagar. Many of the orphans live in the surrounding villages with grandparents or aunts and uncles. The orphan care work provides money for food and school fees and supplies. Over several years, Sonrise has constructed a feeding center building that also serves as a church and 2 houses that serve as dormitories for orphans. The site has been provided with a borehole and water system.


Rugare is a township in Harare, once home to the railway and many immigrant workers from Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. At retirement, the men returned to their home country and many left their families behind. The result is that prostitution became the primary source of survival for women and girls, increasing AIDS related deaths to an astounding level.

The orphan care work is managed by Pastor Henry Zihove and his wife Mharidzo. In 2006, a Canadian team built a feeding center at Rugar. They provde daily meals for over 250 orphans, school fees for 45, and provide housing for approximately 40. The other children live with caregivers in the community – usually a grandparent or older sibling. Since 2007, teams from Sonrise have continued to support infrastructure development. Rugare has been provided with borehole wells. These wells are the only source of safe water for the community. The water is also used for a greenhouse venture and drip irrigation garden that Sonrise developed at this site. The produce is used to feed orphans and also sold to markets in the city of Harare. It has become a significant source of income for the orphan care work.


Musana is a rural community approximately 60 kilometres from Harare. There is no opportunity for employment in the area and subsistence farming is the key to survival. Under the supervision of Pastor Osten, approximately 140 orphans are cared for. Nine of the orphans live with Pastor Osten and his wife Juanita. The other orphans live in the surrounding villages with caregivers. With the support of Sonrise and other Canadian organizations, the Musana Orphan Center provides food and school fees for all of the orphans.

Since 2007, the site has been provided with a Feeding Center which also serves as a church building and community center. In addition, a large house, a toilets building and a dormitory have been provided. The dormitory was completed in January 2015. It is expected to house up to 12 orphans. Electricity has also been expanded to all buildings at this site. A borehole and water tower have also been provided.


Mbare is another township within the city of Harare. It is the most impoverished and densely populated part of the city. Garbage is piled high along the streets. Unemployment is over 85%. People survive by selling a variety of items in the streets. Homeless kids wander the streets begging and prostitution is rampant.

The orphan care program is run at the local ACOP church that has been part of the community since the 1950s. Oversight for the program is provided by Pastor Ephram Dube. On a daily basis they feed a varying number of orphans and provide a home for 13 children with the Pastor.

The church is on a large piece of property. Teams from Sonrise have provided them with a well and drip irrigation system. The first crops from their gardens were harvested in 2014. They have also been provided with a small 4-stage chicken barn as another income generating opportunity.


Hwedza is a farming town town about 150 kilometers southeast of Harare. The feeding center is located near the ACOP church on a plot of land donated by a local businessman. With funds provided through the Sonrise partner program this site cares for approximately 80 orphans by distributing food, paying school fees and providing school uniforms. They also provide regular counselling sessions with orphans and provide training to community caregivers.

Sonrise has resourced Hwedza with a borehole, a chicken barn and a pig barn as income generating projects. In September 2014 they were able to open their own butcher shop with funds provided through Sonrise and are generating a profit from this business venture. It is anticipated that this site will be self-sustaining 2015.


Esiphezini is a rural community south of Bulawayo. A piece of land was donated by the local council for development of a preschool. This preschool serves over 80 children ages 3-5 many who are orphans. The children are provided a meal each day and provided basic preschool curriculum. The school operated for many years without a building. Sonrise undertook the building of a significant structure that includes 2 classrooms, washrooms, office space and a large meeting hall. This structure is now the focal point of the community and also serves as a church. The local council has now donated land for a sustainability project to generate income for the care of orphans.

Chimoio Mozambique

The Missao Para Juvenntude orphan center near Chimoio Mozambique is also supported through the Sonrise orphan care initiative. This orphanage is managed by Pastor Simon Mudiwa. Sonrise provides support by sending monthly funding for food. There are over 60 orphans who live at this center.

The leadership at this center is very focused on developing businesses to generate their own income. They have a piggery, a fish farm, several large gardens, and a dairy business. Sonrise provided the funds necessary for the breeding stock for the piggery and the purchase of the milk cows.

They also operate their own school for preschool to grade 6. They take in children from the surrounding community in addition to the orphans. The children from the community pay school fees which supports the wages of the teachers.

If you would like to donate to our ongoing Zimbabwe projects, or Orphan Care, please go to Canada Helps and search for ‘Sonrise Church’, and follow the instructions to select the appropriate ministry/designation. ┬áThank you for your support.

Archived Partner’s Updates

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